The Mighty Red Sea & Our Responsibility Towards It

 August 02, 2020

We are very fortunate to have the Red Sea. Many divers around the globe appreciate the quality and diversity the Red Sea has to offer. The great visibility, warm waters, healthy and vibrant coral reefs, plentiful marine life, mind blowing caves and caverns as well as the easy access to some of the worlds’ best wreck dives. All of that make the Red Sea a heaven for SCUBA divers. Our aim is to set a new bar for the liveaboard experience offered in the Red Sea in terms of sustainability, marine conservation, educational trips all in a fun and chilled out environment with a team that truly care. We are one tribe – Ocean Tribe

The Red Sea Weather

{{weatherTemp}} ° Air Temp

26° Water Temp

5 mm shorty or long wetsuit

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