Building the Sea Gypsy

 July 01, 2020

Believing in large families, traveling, and speaking the secret language of the sea and SCUBA diving, we decided to build the state of art safari yacht The Sea Gypsy as the first tribe in our fleet.

The Sea Gypsy is built on the shores of Rasheed. This port city of the Nile delta is known for its charming Ottoman mansions and citrus groves. It is also very well known for the craftsmanship of its people in boat building. The material and equipment used to build and power this yacht were carefully selected for the maximum safety, comfort and pleasure of everyone on board.

It is a source of great enjoyment witnessing the efforts of everyone involved in our story. Our hard work materializing into something tangible what is to be one of the finest liveaboards on the Red Sea. Copious amounts of planning, drawing, execution, passion and love are being built into the soul of this sea traveler – The Sea Gypsy.

The Red Sea Weather

{{weatherTemp}} ° Air Temp

19° Water Temp

5mm long wetsuit

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