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This route is the perfect combination of wrecks, reefs and shark action. This route has plenty to offer for every diver's taste. From diving the arguably best wreck dive in the world - the legendary SS Thistlegorm to experiencing some of the most vibrant and healthy reefs in the world

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SS Thistlegorm The SS Thistlegorm is arguably the best wreck dive in the world. It sunk in WW11 during a bomb attack just the day before Rosalie Moller was similarly brought below the sea surface by the Germans. The military trucks, ammunition and motorcycles and the many supplies that stayed on board make it a giant museum lying 15 - 30 meters below the sea surface. The site must be dived at least twice to get the real taste and appreciate the outside and inside of this wreck. If the current is not strong, night dives on SS Thistlegorm is a rewarding experience.

Brothers The Brother Islands: The Big Brother and the Little Brother are two small remote islands in the middle of the Red Sea. They offer world-class diving experience and only accessible by liveaboards, which make them available for just the fortunate few. The two brothers are only 5 minutes apart with about 12 dive sites around them, including two wreck dives; Numidia & Aida (not for recreational divers). Little Brother: This tiny island is known to be one of the best dive sites in the world. The scenery is breathtaking, with some of the most healthy, dense and vibrant soft and hard corals. The plateau at 40 meters is known to be one of the best sites in Egypt for shark diving. Grey reef sharks and silvertips are regulars in the area. Hammerheads can be spotted too, but they often stay in the deep. Marine life is abundant on this site, appearances from schools of barracuda, sharks and dogtooth tuna are frequent here. Big Brother: The big sibling is full of life and action. Many sharks patrol the south-east point of the island. Oceanic white tip and grey reef sharks, are regulars on this site. On a lucky day, you can spot thresher sharks. That is not to say that the Big Brother is only a shark spot. The walls are beautifully covered by colourful and dense soft and hard corals. The population of the Red Sea reefs' fish on this site is astonishing, and manta rays sighting is not uncommon. The big brother also hosts two unique wrecks; Numidia and Aida.

Gubal Islands A beautiful desert island with soft sandy beach, the coral reefs are healthy and vibrant. A family of friendly bottelnose dolphins live nearby and shows up often for the joy of divers. The island offers several dive options, including 2 wrecks: the Ulysses, a woodden cargo completely covered in soft corals and fish, and the Barge: this last one is the best night dive in the Red Sea: it lies right underneath where the boat is moored, its maximum depth is 15 meters and it is literally an explosion of life. Thousands of fish including George and Gerogina, two enormous and peaceful giant morays who made the barge their home.

Ras Mohammed Having at least a few dives in Ras Mohamed is a must for any diver, considered as one of the most beautiful places to dive in the world. It is one of the most protected areas in the Red Sea with incredible visibility that can reach 40 meters in some sites. With at least 12 quality dive sites full of vibrant marine life and colourful hard and soft corals, you will never feel too crowded diving in Ras Mohamed. Most of the time, the sea conditions are calm, offering relaxed dives for all divers regardless of experience level. The population of anthias, giant gorgonians fans, schools of jacks, snappers and tuna with the occasional sharks and rays give a little hint of what to expect. The iconic wreckage of the Yolanda with it's load of toilets is also a bonus.

Abu Nuhas We would call Abu Nuhas a paradise for divers. This spectacular reef offers some of the best wreck diving in the Red Sea. There are four shallow wrecks that are suitable for divers of all levels, each of them makes a great dive. Wrecks, healthy reefs with hard and soft corals and a good chance to spend time with friendly bottlenose dolphins. The four wrecks are: Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Giannis D and Kimon M.

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