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The beautiful reefs, magical canyon formations at Fury Shoal and the chances to swim with countless numbers of striped dolphins in Sataya lagoon make this itinerary a memorable one. Marine life is so diverse on this route with almost guaranteed special encounters. From rare macro critters to massive green turtles and maybe dugongs or a guitar ray. Exceptional visibility at St Johns to experience the common shark and pelagic action there

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Marsa Shouna This site is unique in its style, this dive mostly happens on a sandy seabed covered with sea grass. Great place to spot several MASSIVE green turtles, feather tail stingrays and maybe a dugong or a guitar ray. Also good for macro with options for same rare critters like snale eels, upside-down jellyfish and seahorses. ( You need good eyes though!!)

Elphinstone Elphinstone has a diverse and healthy marine life, beautiful landscape and plenty of action. Sharks, big pelagics, schooling fish, healthy reefs, the dramatic walls and drift dives are to name a few. All this makes Elphinestone one of the most famous dive sites in the Southern Red Sea and the world. This wreck-shaped reef is 12 KMs offshore of Marsa Alam and is 375 meters in length. The northern and southern tips have a generous 100 meters wide plateaus. They range between 20-40 meters in-depth and covered with astonishing soft corals, huge gorgonians and colourful sea whips. At the Northern Plateau reef, sharks are a common sighting. Soft corals, herds of redtooth triggerfish, hunting giant trevally and great barracudas are a regular sight on this side. Hammerhead sharks are not a common thing in Elphinestone, though, if you see them here it would be at the Northern Plateau. The Southern Plateau hosts a healthy population of oceanic whitetip sharks. We say that this shark is the mascot of diving in the Southern Red Sea. It's a distinguished and curious shark that is most of the time accompanied by pilot fish. People from all over the world come to the south of the Red Sea to experience close encounters with the oceanic whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus). There is plenty and colourful life on this reef from the very big to the tiniest of creatures.

Sataya (Dolphine reef) Large 6 mile long horseshoe shaped reef. In the lagoon some families of dolphins have been living for a long time, easy to meet. It is an excellent shelter for the night, the best time to meet lion fish.

St Johns This reef system covers a massive area of approx 300 km2 on the southern part of the Egyptian waters close to Sudan. Exquisite coral gardens and walls with an abundance of soft and hard corals are just a small description of what these sites have to offer. Some of the sites attract different sharks and pelagics. The exceptional visibility, along with the tunnels and caves add to the overall charm of these sites. Manta rays, barracuda, jacks, turtles, napoleons, batfish, thresher, hammerhead and grey sharks and other predators are all standard in here.

Fury Shoal Again incredible canyons and swim throuhg shallow dives like Shaab Caludia, along with Sataya lagoon, place where families of dolphins come to rest and often allow people to apporach them for an unfrogettable experience

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  • check Night dives are prohibited at all marine park islands.

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