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The Sudanese part of the Red Sea has got most if not all, of what you are looking for in your liveaboard diving holiday. Crystal clear waters, a lot of shark action, world-class wreck dives, healthy and untouched coral reefs. Diving in Sudan can easily rank high up with the world's most exotic dive destinations. Sudan is well known for the schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, humphead parrotfish, Umbria wreck and Jacques Cousteau's underwater village in Shaab Rumi.

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Wreck of Umbria Only a short distance away from Port Sudan, the Umbria wreck lies from just below the surface to a maximum of 38 meters. The Italian ship was carrying 6,000 tons of bombs, 600 cases of detonators, cement and 3 Fiat cars. On 9th June 1940, at Wingate reef where it's anchored, the captain decided to scuttle the ship after hearing that Italy has formally joined the war with Germany. The decision was not to allow the British to take control of the precious cargo on board. This 150 meters ship is now considered one of the best wrecks to dive in the world. It is a great experience diving back in history with all bombs and cargo kept where they were since then.

Shaab Rumi  Shaab Rumi is where Jacques Cousteau chose to build the Precontinent II underwater village as to research the possibility of living underwater for an extended number of weeks. The stations are still in good shape and easy access, you can also see the cages used for shark feeding. This site has a beautiful plateau with some spectacular walls with a well-diversified marine life including grey and hammerhead sharks.

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