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Known as the ‘Simply the Best’, this itinerary is a ‘must’ for divers because of the diversity and richness of marine life. You’ll find stunning underwater landscapes at Brothers Islands with steep walls and pristine reefs. Daedalus is a mecca for shark enthusiasts as it’s home to hammerheads, oceanic white tips, threshers, reef sharks and mantas. Elphinstone reef, with its abundance of colourful soft corals, giant morays and large pelagic species - including hammerheads and oceanic white tips - is a fantastic location for underwater photography. Overall, this itinerary offers a perfect mix of adrenaline-filled diving and stunning marine scenery.

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Brothers These islands offer some incredible marine life with the possibility of spotting hammerheads, oceanic white tips, silky sharks, manta rays and the occasional thresher shark. You may also see jackfish, snappers and large tuna. Brothers offer incredible wall diving and two wrecks on the Big Brother – Aida at 30-60m and Numidia at 10-85m (not for recreational divers). This is a spectacularly diverse location, packed with vibrant corals and forests of gorgonians. With breathtaking scenery, there are over a dozen world-class sites that can be dived here.

Elphinstone This expansive dive site is only 12km from shore and is perfect for drifting along walls adorned with lots of coral species. You might see oceanic white tips, hammerheads or reef sharks, so keep an eye out into the blue.

Daedalus Reef Daedalus Reef (also known as Abu Kizan) is in top condition. Known for large schools of hammerheads, divers may also see oceanic white tips, manta rays, thresher and reef sharks in the blue. This isolated reef is packed with Red Sea species and home to a beautiful selection of corals.

Abu Dabbab Located near Elphinstone in the Marsa Allam area, Abu Dabbab offers beautiful reefs, coral gardens and a spectacular canyon swim-through. There's also a small wreck from 2004. Currents may be stronger in this area, but the underwater landscape protects divers from the current, so it’s suitable for all levels of divers.

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  • check Night dives are prohibited at all marine park islands.

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